We aim to produce healthy, happy additions to any family. We place correct poodle temperament high on our priority list. However, we feel that temperament, health and structure are all equally important and try not to select for one at the expense of another.


Our puppies are raised in our house, handled and played with daily. They are exposed to the sights, sounds and smells of a busy household. We take great care in exposing them to an enriched environment, so that they are better able to adapt to anything life will throw at them.


The same time and care is put into every puppy, whether it is our next star or your adored companion.


We evaluate our puppies daily and perform a "puppy aptitude test" at 7 weeks of age. These evaluations will help us match the puppy to its ideal home, to help ensure a perfect match.


While we feel that we do everything we can to produce a healthy puppy, once in a while genetic health issues beyond our control can show up. We expect that all health issues are reported back to us. While this information may not seem of value to many owners, it is fundamental to the improvement of our breeding program and the overall health of the breed.


We are very selective as to where our puppies are placed. We prefer to meet prospective owners and will only sell to verifiably responsible homes. We will follow up on our puppies over their lifetime.


Reservations are recommended as we are not a commercial breeder, and will never have a steady stream of puppies available.   Please check the nursery  page  or upcoming litters for available dogs.


Pets are sold on spay/neuter contracts  and CKC Non-Breeding Agreement.


Show Prospects are sold on co-ownership and by private treaty.


All our puppies come with a written health guarantee. 


Occasionally, we have young adults/puppies available for fostering. They will live with their foster family but return to us for grooming, showing, breeding and raising a litter. These dogs will be available to approved homes within a reasonable driving distance from our home.


If you wish to be considered as a potential adoptee or foster family, please contact us for a questionnaire.
















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