Sandhill Poodles



Breed clubs:


          Poodle Club of Canada

          Ottawa Valley Poodle Club

          Poodle Club of America



Kennel Clubs:


          Canadian Kennel Club

          American Kennel Club



Health Registries:


          Poodle Health Registry

          Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

          Canine Eye Research Foundation  (CERF)

          Genetic Disease Control (GDC)



 Dog Food:

        5 Stars Natural Raw Food (5 Etoiles)





         K-9 College Cruise : educational cruise for dog fanciers

          Pat Hastings 

          Dr Carmen Battaglia

          Myra Savant Harris: A must for breeders or if you are plannning to 

                                                                    breed a litter 


          Ontario  : Upcoming seminars



Breed Information:


      Versatility in Poodles

       Pets 4 You : pet related information.







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