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We are small home-based breeder located in the shadow of Mont Rigaud, between Ottawa and Montreal.  We hope that this website conveys our passion and dedication to the breed.


We do not have any kennel facilities, our dogs are family members, that excel as couch potatoes and play a big part in our everyday life. Because they are housedogs, we have to limit ourselves to just a few dogs at any given time.


We compete primarily in the conformation ring in Canada and occasionally in the U.S. Our daughters compete in Jr Handling and are learning about obedience and agility.


While we compete in comformation, "pretty" is not all we strive for. We aim to produce a superior dog that is not only competitive in the poodle ring, but will also be a long-lived, beloved family member.


We produce puppies in black, blue, silver or cream.


We will only breed our dogs once they have cleared all health screening tests and not before they are  2 1/2 years of age.


As a responsible breeder, we breed selectively and only when we have the time to raise a litter to our standards.


As a responsible and ethical breeder, our health issues are publically disclosed.  Ask us about our dogs.


We support the Poodle Health Registry.


Member of: Canadian Kennel Club

                         Ottawa Valley Poodle Club




Lise Purkis





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