Foster Program



We have set up the foster program to allow me to keep a wider selection of dogs available to my breeding program. At the same time the dog will have a home and family of it's own, as opposed to being one of many here.


Dogs are selected at a young age (8-9 weeks) and re-evaluated over the next two years. Some dogs will make it into my breeding program, others may not mature as I would expect and will be spayed or neutered.


All dogs will be made available to me for health testing and breeding. The females will come to have their litter and stay through the raising and weaning of the litter.


The foster home will be responsible for everyday living expenses, proper care and socialization. Basically, the same  care you would provide any dog you would own.



       Fostering will involve:


  • Considerable coat care, if dog has not completed its Championship
  • Keeping an intact dog and ensuring it is not bred without my consent.
  • Saying goodbye for a variable length of time, while dog shows, breeds or raises a litter.
  • Keeping the dog in good weight and physical condition
  • Proper socialization.
  • Keeping the coat in a good, clean and matt free state.




The breeder will cover expenses of showing, health screening, breeding, whelping and raising a litter.


As long as the dog is part of the breeding program, ownership remains in the breeder's name. All breeding rights belong to the breeder. When they are no longer part of the breeding program they will be spayed/neutered, then the dog will be signed over to their foster family, to live out their life in their forever home.


Because I need access to the dog on a regular basis, foster homes must be within a 3 hour drive from our home.


If fostering is something that may appeal to you, please contact us for more information.







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