Here at  Poodles we've been asked repeatedly for MANY years whether or not we would consider offering OLDER pups with enhanced training. asked...we've delivered!
For the very first time ever, Poodles is proud to present our "Executive Puppies" designed for those whose lifestyle simply cannot accommodate the first few challenging months of raising a young pup.

These spectacular adolescents (4-6 month olds)are now ready to be placed in their FUR-ever homes.

They are crate trained, have their adult teeth, so NO chewing those Gucci shoes! They are for the most part already housebroken, sleep solidly through the night and have their basic obedience of leash training, sit/stay, down, etc. They are NOT "jump-er up-ers" and are content to keep "four on the floor!"

WOW! What a concept! A new pup without all the new puppy challenges! Give us a call.
As this is a test market for this new idea, there is NO CHARGE for the additional months of hard work and training we've put into these incredible dogs. (THAT will definitely change in the future!) They are also fully vaccinated (except for their Rabies) so there are also additional substantial savings in veterinary costs!

To date, this concept has been incredibly successful. People who've been fortunate enough to participate in this new endeavor just LOVE the new opportunity. These new Pendragon family members are more than willing to discuss their older puppy experience with you. 

to learn more and we'll happily connect you with those who are already enjoying the "Pendragon Executive Experience!"

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